We know that the needs of every Complex are very different from the next, we
therefore wish to give you a full scope of the services we can render.


Administration of Funds

We collect your monthly levies, any amounts in arrears as well as other monies owed to the Body Corporate.

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Processing of Funds

As a rule, separate accounts are kept for the buildings we administer.

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Credit Control and Management

Proper and applicable credit control is extremely important for any Body Corporate and we assist the trustees in taking the appropriate action to collect outstanding levies.

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Secretarial Services

In conjunction with the trustees we assist the trustees in ensuring that the prescripts as contained in the Sectional Title Act as well as Management/Conduct rules of the Body Corporate are observed.

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Insurance of Buildings

We negotiate annually with your insurers for the best possible insurance package for the Body Corporate and also pay the necessary premiums on your behalf.

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Amari Property Management prides itself in only selecting qualified contractors to assist with any maintenance.

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We can also assist with the appointment and management of your employees with regards to the completion of their contracts and duty sheets.

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Bookkeeping and Auditing of Statements

We undertake the bookkeeping of the funds of the Body Corporate.

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Annual Budget

We assist the trustees with the preparation of the proposed budget for the ensuing year.

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Financial Reporting

We provide the trustees with a detailed monthly Cash Flow Statement as well as a Rent Roll, in order to keep them informed of all income received and expenses paid on behalf of the Body Corporate.

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